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First Day of Journey April 13, 2009

Spent my time working on ideas as to how to make money; am creating a list to work towards every day. Am building up my e-mail list for future use. I asked people for a dollar or the change in their pocket as I explained my goal of creating wealth. I ended the day with $ 9.02 (that includes my $1.00 investment. Called banks to see what kind of incentives they had for opening up a checking account or getting a credit card. I did apply for a new credit card with no annual fee or monthly service fee. The bank will pay $50 so that’s something i should be able to add to my account. Stopped at an E-Bay store and found out how they work. Plan to take some items over tomorrow that have been sitting in my garage for years. Will keep you posted on my success. Also made some neighbors laugh as I asked them to save Aluminun cans. My goal fore the next few weeks is to earn enough so I can reach for higher income goals.

As always, any suggestions that you may have are appreciated.

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