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Day 4

Finally made it to the e-bay store and dropped off my “goodies”. Was disapointed that they only accepted 4 out of the 10 items I took. I did, however, get an education as to what sells and what kind of “stuff” I should take. Now when I clean out my garage I know what to take and what to give to charity.

So far, I have choosen the following areas to research and look for business oportunities.

  • solar products
  • record keeping
  • video options
  • teaching

I hope to gather people who are looking for work to call me and to share their ideas with me. The above mentioned business opportunites, I believe, can be started with little or no money and are capable of good financial returns. I am doing mini – business plans in each of these areas and will explore possibilites in these plus other areas over the next few week. If you know anyone that is unemployed and wants to visit, please have them call me.

Two parting thoughts:

  1. If unemployment is at 7% then 93 % of the people are still working and can buy goods and services that will make their lives better.
  2. I am in the people business so e- mail addresses, phone numbers, etc of people that know me are the basis for my future growth. Will strive to add new names every day.



  1. Rod Dennis on April 17, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    You had pointed out that 93% of the population must be making money. My understanding is that there are countless people who are self-employed that are not making money but are not eligible for unemployment benefits so the number of people challenged by this severe recession is significantly higher.

    So far I have not actually seen you “make” money. You have sold assets that you already owned and have asked for a donation from friends. You did sell a sandwich, which probably did cost you less than $1.

    Your can collection is a noble cause for the environment, but unless you plan to walk to the can buying center, the gas you will use will likely be more than the money earned. Likely best to just drop them in the recycle can out front of your house.

    I like your accumulation of email addresses. They always say “it is more who you know than what you know.” I am excited to see how you plan to put that list to work.

  2. Rusty on April 23, 2009 at 3:11 pm

    Your comment reminded me of a guy a year ago who started from nothing but spent 8 hours driving around to different parking lots looking for change on the ground to get started with $4 to start investing in penny stocks.

    On a Journey like this you gotta be careful to make sure you do not spend more money to raise a few pennies.

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