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Week 2 Day 5

Spent several hours this afternoon visiting with another person who has been laid off. Also in attendance was another person with  whom he is hoping to start an “out of the box” business. This was their first meeting and first conversation with regards to this venture. Concepts were discussed and simple start up plans were created. The start-up cost  to produce these products would be minimal; the challenge will be the marketing.
I will be involved with them, not as an investor, but a possible support to their marketing once the product is produced.The challenge was to have ready marketable products within the next three weeks. Will keep you informed as to their progress.

A short explanation as to the rules which I am following on this journey. I started with one  dollar. The investment rules state that I can never invest more than 25% of my avaialbae cash in any endevour I select. My initial goals are to lay foundations for future invesments and work diligently on building a nest egg.

Today I added another “gift” dollar so my total is $ 61.02

Spent part of my day at the hospital with a friend of mine who is suffering from cancer and had a kidney removed. Please keep him in your prayers. 

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