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Week 2 Day 6

Not much time spent today on my journey. Did get one dollar and found a penny (an angel as Nanci calls it) in the grocery parking lot. That takes my total to $62.03  Doubled my initial $1 five times so far. Have a long way to go!

Met a CPA at my open house today. Will try to set up an appointment with him in the next few weeks as one of my calls.

Picked up another donation of aluminum cans today. Sometime next week I will make a run to a rycycling place and cash them in.
I work on my e-mail list almost every day. Hope to reach 225 by the end of week three. Family members, friends and business associates are my main source right now. I am doing a weekly newsletter to each of them at this time.

Started reading the yellow pages and I try to think of a possible money making idea as I read each catagory.

I still am looking to meet with more people that have lost their job. I feel that there is a lot of potential in these people and I would like to work with them. If you have friend that has been laid off, please give him/her my blog address and have them contact me with their e-mail.

Please continue your comments on money making ideas and ask your family and friends to follow me on my journey.

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