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Week two Day 7

These first two weeks really went by very fast. Sundays are usually busy; after church I sat an open house and then picked up my grandson’s  third birthday present. Needed help from a contractor friend of mine, and his truck,  to bring it home.He will help us put it together. I never saw so many peices in a swing set (comes equipped  with tree house, swings, slide, monkey bars, etc)

Visited our friend who had his kidney removed; he was in very good spirits and hopes to be released by the end of this coming week.

The real estate market is still slow, so, at my open house,  I had an oppertunity to concentrate on more things to work on. I researched buy/sell ideas that I can try with my limited resources. 25% of my $62 dollars  only gives me $15.50 to work with. Most everything I came up with required a little more capital ( minimum of $50) so I will keep looking.

I read an article about a person who searches rolls of coins from the bank. He claims that he usually finds some coins that are 40 to 60 years old and are wortrh more than face value.  This week I will take $10 and buy 5 rolls of nickels and see if there is anything worthwhile. Another suggestion was to visit garage sales and look for old coins for sale. May try that next weekend.

I am encouraged with the business that was started this week.  Even though I will be a minority participant, the potential is very good. If possible, I will share the details with you on the 19th of May.

Please continue asking your friends to read the blog and follow my journey.

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  1. Pat Lichok on April 27, 2009 at 3:52 pm

    Nick…what about the ad in the bulletin where you can make $100 in a focus group?


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