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Week 4 Day 5

First Day of my garage sale is over. Didn’t make a lot of money but my reward was visiting with the people that started arriving at 6:30 am. Many of the early arrivals make a living buying from garage sales and then  reselling the items at their own garage sale, on e-bay or at   a “flea” market. Learned many new ideas on how to generate income. They may not all work for me, but some of these poeple make a very good anual income.

Had to do some work today in my day job. Not a lot of real estate sales yet, but the traffic seems to be picking up a little. I’m sure we all are praying  for a rapid economic recovery.

Thank you for your support in my efforts and your faithful reading of my daily blog. Again, please spread the word and invite others to follow my journey.

Will give you a total ( small as it may be) of my garage sale tomorrow.

Have a great day!

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