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Week 5 Day 3

I hope that you all are making plans to attend my talk on May 19, Tuesday. Please call me for details at 602-989-1592. Reservations are required.

Visited a coin dealer today. Asked about his market. I was told that the small coin buyers, under $50  (monthly) are still active. The medium buyers from $200 to $500 (monthly) have slowed down considerably and that the high end buyers are still very active. The feeling was that coins, if bought right, are still a good investment and should show appreciation.You really need to know what you are buying. As far as gold and silver,the anticipation is that gold will go over $1,000 per ounce and silver should also  continue its climb. The demand for both silver and gold bullion is still very strong.

I read somewhere that China is buying a lot of gold; that may have an affect on the market.

Had my first call today for an appointment to review a family’s  budget and mortgage situation. I quoted a price and they said they will schedule me in the near future. Have to wait and see how that goes along. May be another source of income for me.

Will present my book at an expo this Saturday and Sunday. Am excited to see what kind of reception I get when I have a chance to visit with people in person and share my story. 

My real job took a lot of time again today, but still made some good progress on my journey.

Have a great day!

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