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Week 5 Day 4

Put the finishing touches on the Business Support Group that I am starting. I mentioned it in my blog and several other publications and have had people that want information. Deceided to limit it so that we have only one representative from a business type. Even though the intentof the group is to support and share information with other group members, outside of the group meetings there may be some  business referrals and I don’t want a conflict to develop. We  will be meeting the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. Please call me for information.

Yes, I will make money from the advice that I get from other successful business people.
Applied as a tester for the Dial Corporation today. Don’t know if I will get choosen, but it could be another short term source of income.

I still am asking for your support at my seminar next Tuesday at 7pm. Please call me if you can attend. You may be pleasantly surprised with what you will learn. I can be reached at : 602-989-1592

Have a great day!

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