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Week 5 day 6


Business expo was better than I anticipated. It ran from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm and had 60 exhibitors . Since most booths had two people we had a base of 120 plus I estimate another 100 people from the 4:30 service. Sold a few books, met a lot of new people and added another 10 names for my seminar on Tuesday.  Don’t know how many will show up, but a group of 20 would be good for discussion purposes. Hope some of you will join me. Please call 602-989-1592 so I can get an accurate count.

I also asked 4 of the vendors I met if they would be interested in joining my business support group. Perhaps tomorrow I can get up to a base of 8 to 10 to start the group. As metioned before, we will meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.

One of the exhibitors was in solar and I spent a few minutes sharing my idea for a solar business. Perhaps something good will result from this.

To sum up the expo, it was great to be around people that are in business for themselves. I was surprised to find some businesses that just started within the last 6 weeks.

The expo runs from 7 am to 1pm tomorrow and I will be sitting an open house on Sundown from1pm to 5pm. Busy day…

Have a great day!

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