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Week 5 Day 7

Spent from 7am to 12 noon at the expo. I visited most of the exhibitors, exchanged cards and spoke to several about future business opportunites. I shared my vision for a business support group with 7 of them and they all expressed an interest to participate. I will meet with them indiviudally over the next few weeks and share details. I would like to see the group start sometime in June.

An invitation was extended to some to attend my Tuesday seminar on my book.I am getting excited about sharing my story with the group.

I picked up an additional 70 e-mail addresses; some from the participants at the expo and some from the exhibitors. I will send each an individual e-mail stating that they will be added to my “Small Bussiness Essentials” newsletter and make sure that they really want to receive it.

Although the expo was mostly for exposure, I was able to sell books, both my new one “Turn one $1.00 in Thousands” and also my “Budget book”.

Sat an open house from 1 to 5 and worked on my Tuesday evening presentation.

Back to making money this week.

Have a great day.

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