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Week 9 Day 1

Earnings  $ 495.94


Yes, I have deceided on two new business ventures. The following is a brief update on each:

With Solar LLC

Purpose: to provide alternative power sources that can lower the amount of power a consumer uses.

Target pirce:  products that cost less than $ 500 and can be installed/assembled by buyer

Obstacles:    Finding quality  solar products is very difficult. Those that I have examined are “cheaply” made in China. Have established come contacts with US manufacturers but at this point they are not as agressive as their Chinese counterparts.
( not with regards to price, but providing product information)

Next Step: Keep researching products made in the US. Start communications process with investors willing to invest $1,000 in this company. Finish the paperwork for the LLC. Implement marketing program, direct sales, online sales and evenutally a store front and then expansions options.

Justification:  The economy, the “go green” mentality, and the rising cost of electricity,  should help make this business a success.

The Legacy Company LLC

It’s purpose is to help you leave ” your story” to future family generations.  This should be market ready before the end of this month. Read more about it in “Green Tree News”


We do not stop working because we are old; we grow old because we stop working.

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  1. Jen on June 9, 2009 at 5:00 am

    Great ideas! I look forward to watching them take shape. It seems like solar is a no-brainer when it comes to Arizona but very few people have it. As you said, it may be due to difficulty getting products. Glad to see you are doing this. So much energy can be saved with all of our AZ sun.

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