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Week 9 Day 2

Total Earnings $ 495.94


Update on my solar venture: Have up and running a 60 watt solar system. Will be testing that out over the next few days. Also found a made in USA solar firm that I e-mailed today to find out about purchasing products.

My daughter came up with a better name for our second company: epicography  the telling of a great story and each of our stories are great for future generations.  Tomorrow I will set up appointments with video people to select my “future partner”. Hope to have this operating within two weeks.

Been spending my free time working on these two projects and have not been earning any money. I hope that in the long run I made the right choices.

Ideas and thought are welcome as well as questions.


Operating a business with no advertising is like winking at a beautiful woman in the dark… You know what you are doing, but
nobody else does.

Have a great day!

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