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Week 10 Day 2

Total Earnings $ 503.94  (another gift, every little bid helps)


EPICography is ready to go. Concepts are in place. Interview process is set for “partner” selection. If any of you know a video photographer please let me know as I will be interviewing into next week. Putting a marketing plan in place will be the hardest piece of the puzzle. Looking for marketing ideas. If you want a complete description of the company please e-mail me and  I will call and share information. I may have to find someone to help with marketing, so again, recommendations are welcome.

Will be tied up all day and evening on Wednesday and at least half day Thursday. Will not have much time to work on my journey.
Your thoughts and comments are always welcome.

For those of you that asked, I am still full time in real estate representig both buyers and sellers. There are great bargains available and those of you that are looking to buy or know of someone, please call me.


“If someone says something unkind about you, live your life so that no one will believe it.”

Have a g reat day!


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