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Week 12 Day 1

No change in income..


Visited with an attorney today who does a lot of real estate work. A big part of her business has to do with forclosures and people seeking help as they get in terrible debt. We discussed the alternatives such as a possible workout with banks and credit card firms as well as bankruptcy. This bad economy has hurt her clients, not only indiviuals, but also major builders.

We both agreed that we have not seen the end of our economic woes and that commercial real estate may drop even more.

on the positive side, the attorney said that investors are looking at the market place and not just at the ourskirts of the Valley. Some are buying partially completed homes in the north east valley, finishing them and then putting them back on the market. The discounts, when purchasing, in some cases are over 50% of value.

I agree that this is an excellent time to buy a new home or to do some serious investing.

She also invited me to join her for breakfast with her Rotary Club tomorrow. Who knows, I may join a Rotary club again.


How can we take advantage of blossoming demand in new market niches ir we don’t define our objectives, our strengths and weaknesses, our resources?

Have a great day!

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