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Week 14 Day 2

$ 509.94 in hand…. will deposit another $20 tomorrow plus a few more dollars from cans that I have to turn in.

My two new ventures now are demanding a lot of time. It is crunch time and marketing and product development needs my attention.

Must be doing a few things right; received a call from a TV station and they want to interview me next Tuesday. Also had a call from a book store that wants to carry my book.

Need to develop three new web sites in the few weeks. At least one has to be completed by my TV interview next Tuesday. At a cost of $75 each I have to earn enough so that i can accomplish this goal plus buy product using only 25% of my assets.

May have to ask for more gift money…..



“Never give up until you have released your unused capacities for service and shared your gifts with others.”

Have a great day!


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