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Week 14 Day 4

Was informed that I can’t add; total to date is $ 529.94.  Still haven’t casked in a whole bag of cans.


Went to the doctor today. Have had a terrible cold the last week + and with my TV schedule for next week i had to get cured.
Will introduce a new web page on Monday for Business Consulting.

Friends are priceless: Came home from a meeting this evening and had a message that a friend was mailing out 3,000 nesletters next week and offered to let me insert a full page at no cost. ( You will hear a lo more about his company in Green TRee News and Small Business Essentials in a few weeks). I will talk about  EPICography. It will be a good test.  Thanks a lot Rod…

I finally mailed out 10 brochures today on EPICography. Send them to friends to get their feed back. Will keep you posted. PLease let me know if you want an early brochure.


The journey to success has to be taken one step at a time and sometimes, that step is backwards. The goal is to take more forward steps.

Have a great day!

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