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Week 15 Day 1

No change in earnings:


Only six weeks left on this journey. So much has happened, will have to focus on earning money these last six weeks.

Had to make a change in our mailing. I substituted the Prepared Book flyer for the EPICography flyer. We felt that the material being sent out would be better complimented by a flyer on The Be Prepared Book. The EPICography promotion will have to wait…. Kinko’s printed my 3,000 flyers this morning and I delivered them to my friend for mailing. Will keep you posted on results.

Have built a new web site today ( may not be finished, but some version will be ready for my TV (3 minutes of fame) appearance tomorrow. the Web page address is:

this journey has me going into many directions and I need to focus on a few until I can get some help…


If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

Have a great day!

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