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Week 15 Day 2

earned  $ 532.64


So much for my three minutes of glory: Exposure is good, especially if it doesn’t cost anything. Have to keep the momenturm going. Have to thank Jen for the awesome job she did on my new Web page:  She finished it in less then two days. She will add more graphics and pictures, but, wow, what a great job. Please take a look at it and let me hear from you.

I will send out news releases to the rest of the local TV stations, a few of the major radio stations and the local newspapers; never know, I might get an invite….  Made a DVD of my appearance on CH 12 and with the first one I did on Ch 10, I now have some great videos to show.

Busy day in real estate today; had a contract we countered (don’t know what is going to happen)  made a listing presentation, rented a house for a clinet and received request to list two more rental homes.


The greatest thing about the future is that it comes along day by day and allows us the time to influence its outcome.

Have a great day!

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