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Week 15 Day 4

No change in earnings

This journey will provide those that are making it, with the results that they are supposed to achieve. When I started my journey and my blog, I was traveling with the idea of making a few dollars every so often. How things have changed. New opportunities and directions have opened up for me, which, i believe, will have a major impact on my direction.

Today I visisted a bookstore in Tempe, “Changing Hands”. Had not been there before and expected a small second hand book store with nobody in it. WOW, was I surprised. It’s a regular bookstore, plus. Shelly showed my around and was kind enough to spend almost an hour with me telling me the ins and outs of selling books. Perhaps one of the best education “hours” I have ever spent.

I did place one book with them “How to Grow $1”. The lessons learned will cause me to totally change the “look” of my future books. This is the first real book store I have put a book in and am anxious to see how they sell.


If you are constantly looking back, chances are pretty good you’ll fall into a hole ahead.

Have a great day!

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  1. Rod Dennis on July 24, 2009 at 3:42 pm

    General appeal is good. Good photo of you. Put a link to your blog on here. ON your tryeset, don’t like the full justification look. Let’s talk about me hiring you as a consultant. This time lunch is on you.

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