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Week 16 Day 6

Perhaps it’s age ( I have a birthday coming up next week) that makes time pass so fast and not leave a person enough time to follow dreams. received a surprise gift of $3.75 so that takes my collection to $ 536.39


Mowed my lawn early this morning, showed one of my listings and then attended a meeting from 11am to 5 pm; did not leave me much time for my journey.

Jobs are still being lost in Arizona. Talked to a friend this morning who shared that dairy farms are being closed down due to high cost of feed and low sales price of milk. The construction industry is still hurting and jobs are still being lost.

Wish there was a way to reach those that are unemployed. There are opportunties to change careers; to get out of the “box”.
Perhpas it’s pride that gets in our way, in our way of exploring alternatives and asking others for help.

My door is always open to talk; if you have a friend that would like to visit, I am always willing to buy a cup of coffee.


God gave us two ears but only one mouth. Some people say that’s because He wanted us to spend twice as much time listening as talking. Others claim it’s because He knew that listneing was twice as hard.

Have a great day!

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