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Week 16 Day 7

Family had an early birthday celebration for me this evening. One of my gifts was a scratch card that I won $14 on. Wanted to add it to my total but that was mpt acceptable to the family. So no new dollars since last night.

sat open house today from 1 to 5. Had people: two of them were realtors lookink, so they said, for buyers. The home is listed at $565,000, about $200,000 less than it would have brought 3 years ago. It’s on Sundown and has over an acre of land and over 3,000 sq ft of livable space. Both realestate agents said it was “way over priced”. ( guess who is helping drive prices down)

One was a neighbor and the last group was a family who came in and said they want a real bargain. Don’t want to pay more than $400,000 for a home, on an acre that has been totally updated.

Though market our there….


There is no security on this earth, only opportunity!

Have a great day!

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