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Week 17 Day 1

Only four weeks remaining… Blog will continue way past that time. 
No change in my earnings.


Received a gift certificate to Barsn & Noble for my Birthday. Of course, part of my day was taken by selecting new books to read.

Had several showings on my listings today. Feel that traffic is picking up a little.

\Have to renew my drivers license tomorrow; that should be an exciting event.

This week I will send out (with Jen’s help) The Green Tree News and Small Business Esentials. If you are not receiving these newsletters please let me know.

I plan to start sending out my EPICography solicitations this week for potential licensee’s. If you know anyone that is interested in starting a business along this line please let me know. I really believe that it has a great potential and the process is all worked out.



from Gerber’s new book: ” People cannot be organized, only the work people do can be organized.” Stop and think about this statement. it makes a lot of sense.

Have a great day!

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