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Week 17 Day 4 A look at the future

Week 20 will be my explanation of my earned income.


The news today gave a very scarry scenerio. The statement was made that currently 25% of the homeowners are “upside down” (they owe more than their home is worth) the prediction is that 50% will be “upside down” by the end of next year.  I don’t have to paint a picture as to what that means to the real estate market.  Couple that with our “spending spree” and the posibility of a national health care program and our country could be in even more serious trouble.

Is the train rolling to fast to be stopped? I don’t have an answer, but I am preparing my future direction as if our economy will climb (give us a false sense of security) and then take a major hit. Preparing to offer services and products that can help people in such an event is going to be my major direction.

In the next few days I will talk about buying a home, refianancing your existing home and will even look at a reverse mortgage. also we will talk about money saving ideas in energy and careers that can grow and thrive in the next 10 years.


Real success comes from actively shaping the game you play; from making the game you want, not the game you find.

Have a great day!

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