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Week 18 Day 3 GUTS = God’s Undeniable Terrific Secret

Still working on my projects. No cash added to account.  If you haven’t visited my ‘ WORK IN PROGRESS” web site at www.solutonsbynick  please do so and give me your comments.  Please send my your e-mail address if you would like to be subscribed to my two publications:  Green Tree News and Small Business Essentials. send to and put green tree news in the subject line.


GUTS =  God’s Undeniable Terrific Secret.

It takes “GUTS” to maintain a positive additude in todays economic climate. It also takes GUTS to work hard and try different approaches to earning an income. It takes GUTS  to ask for help and to share your journey with others.

Each of us has to find and join a supportive community. Working alone in a vacuum will not expose you to new ideas and challenges that only other people can provide. You are part of my community by reading this blog. A community has to work both ways, so please send my your thoughs and comments and don’t ever be afraid to share  your journey or ask for help.



One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.


Have a great day!

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