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Week 18 Day 4 The challenge of procrastination

Am procrastinating, no change in my earnings. This is one of the greatest challenges in our journey towards success.


All of us, young or old, brilliant or average, unemployed or highly paid, can suffer from procrastination. Procrastination is defined as ” to defer action, delay; to put off till another day ot time”. Whenever you put something off you are procrastinating regardless of the reason for your delay.

Failure to make a go of your business, failure to acheive goals, in fact, most all failures in life can be attributed to some form of procrastination. It continues with our health, procrastination to go to a doctor or dentist. It flows int our social and family life.

Some people add purpose and direction to their lives by taking care of others’  needs while procrastinating on their own.

Sometimes, as procrastinators we believe that we are miracle workers and can accomplish a months worth of work in a day. Each of us ( and I am definetly including myself) put off doing things for almost any excuse.

My idea for a solution is to have a mentor that helps you set your goals, works out a timetable for acheiving those goals and then follows up with you on a regular basis as you journey.

A mentor can be one person or even a support group. Your honesty and your trust in your mentor is an absolute must. A mentor must be strong in character and must truly have an interest in helping you acheive your goals. Mentors can work with you in all areas that you procrastinate in.

Search for the right mentor and then give the relationship time to develop and for the results to shine through.  In real life a mentor may be a consultant ( from which a mentor relationship is established) or it may be a very good and knowlegable  friend.

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