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Week 18 Day 5 Unemployment is a state of mind

Still working on my earning and business started since the  first week of this journey. Full report will be shared the 20th week.


Several thoughts today; I picked up a magazine on business opportunities at a grocery store today ( first one I ever bought). Everyone’s problems should be over. There were over 100 adds telling me that I could make from $100/ day to $ 100,000 per month with no effort and very little investment. Next I had a call from a past client who hired a “loan modification” firm, paid his money and they said that his lender won’t talk to them. “Scams” are always with us and they change to take advantage of the current economic conditions and play upon the weaknesses and fears that people have at a given time.

Success is possible with planning and hard work.
Unemployment is a state of mind because we don’t put our mind in gear and look for alternative ways to replace a lost income.

Take 3 to 5 people who have lost their jobs and if they meet 4 to 6 hours a day and together think of how they can pool their resources ( marketing, experiences, ideas, etc) within a week or two the can come up with a plan to start their own business.

They may need a coach to help them plan and to guide them when they run the wrong way, but it’s their game and their chance for success. Using up one’s savings with the hope that a job, similar to the one that was lost, will magically appear is unrealistic.

Please read past writings in this blog and visit  I am always willing to discuss your situation via e-mail and share my knowledge.


” I always wanted to be somebody, but I should have been more specific.”  Without a plan how do you know in what direction to travel?

Have a great day!

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