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Week 18 Day 7

Many things are preventing each of us from moving forward. Fear is a major factor; could I do better if I wait? Could I have saved a few dollars. Will my business fail in today’s economy? Maybe I can’t earn any more money. No, I did not add to my cash today…


I am going to compare a lot of the fears in our moving forward, with the purchase of a home. If you are ready to buy a home there are many choices. The short sale, a bank owned property or a home for sale that is still owned by the seller and represented by a real estate agent.

Like buying a major appliance, we shop until we find the least expensive one. We may not always get the best product  but we “saved money” on the purchase. Buying a home as a short sale or bank owned home has a lot of issues.First, you don’t deal with someone who is local and knows the area. Second, in most cases you get a better product buying a conventional home.

There are many sellers who have priced their home to compete with the short sales ( of corse, as a buyer you have to know how to compare); These sellers want to move to either upgrade their life style, knowing that they will be able to puy a great home in this market place, or perhaps to change their life style by moving to another community.

If you can afford a home, and plan on living in the home for the next 7 to 10  years, now is the time to buy. The benefits are many, including the removal of the worry of searching for a new home.

There are so many things we have to do in life and waiting to buy, the comfort and security of a desireable home in a great location should be something we should do now so we can concentrate on other things.

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