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Motherhood and Apple Pie Week 19 Day 1

Thank you for your continued support. As we enter the next to last week of this part of our journey, I would like to hear more comments from you, both good and bad. Have not added cash today, but have a few dollars coming in this week.


Motherhood and Apple Pie! We hear that from people when we ask for support, answer to a struggle, talk about the loss of a job, etc, etc. Montherhood and Apple Pie is something that everyone tells us , but offers no “meat” beyond a good luck or things will get better, or hang in there. People with problems don’t need to be avoided; they need to be embraced.

it’s time we share the hard facts with our friends, co-workers,  etc, when help is needed. Things may get better, but we have to “nudge” people to consider different options and in some cases, we have to help them identify those options. No, you may not get a job paying what your last one did; you may have to risk starting a new venture even if you have to invest the little capital you have left.

Yes family pro\blems are difficult put we are here with you.

I am a strong advocate of a support group and a permanent mentor to help you on this life’s journey. Yes, you may change support groups and you may outgrow your current mentor and need to find another one, but don’t try to go  it alone. As human beings we are destined to survive and grow in community; there are always people who will listen and support.

And, oh yes, you to can be a mentor and part of a support community for someone else. Pride sometimes tells others that help is not needed, when it really is.


The four Ds of time managment:
Do it or
-Delay if (but put a date on whey you’ll Do it)
-Delegate if or
-Destroy it

Have a great day!

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