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Week 19 Day 2 Risk taking

As the first leg of my journey nears an  end, I am challenged to gather the opportunities I have encountered and make the tough decision of taking a large risk and moving forward. (No additional cash at this time,)


To break the cycle of “Doing the same thing and expecting different results” (which never happens), will involve some risk taking.
Most major discoveries; Columbus discovering the “New World”, and others, all took a risk during their discovery process.

With an existing business, the process of re-inventing it to do something different, or use new methods to acheive desired goals, may be looked on as  risk. We know what the old system can do; and even if it doesn’t meet our goals, we are comfortable with it.

Letting go of an existing job to start a brand new business; giving up looking for a job if you are unemployed and starting a new venture with the few precious dollars you were counting on to survive, both these are scenerios’ which can be considered  very risky.

Our personal life and our business life is like a tree. If we don’t grow we start to die.

My book, How to Turn $1 into Thousands, was designed to provide an oportunity for the readers to follow a process which would get them out of their “box” in a slow systematic manner. My system was developed over a period of years and for those that who followed the system, many new doors have opened.

Be it a job, a new business, a volunteer project, whatever, take a risk and do something different. You may be surprised at the results.


Football games are often lost in the last 30 seconds because of an unlucky bounce, the bad spot of the ball. If you’d been ahead 27-7, then a fumble in the last 30 seconds wouldn’t have cost you the game. Take a change and go for the lead early in the game.

Have a great day!

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