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Week 19 Day 3 Positive Thinking

My journey has been a positive on my life. In fact, I will continue this journey and blog,  sharing my experience and that of others who I encountor on my journey. It’s a great feeling to  and know I am making a difference.


Have you walked into a store and know, immetiately, by the body language or comments of those working there, whether you wanted to shop there?  In many cases, I can walk into a business, office or  retail. and within a few minutes I can guess with fairly good accuracy the profitability and future of the enterprise.

Being positive allows you to be open to the needs of  customers and  employees. It opens one up to new innovative ideas and to the future direction of the firm. It is hard to help someone who blames everything on the economy, or bad luck, or lack of financing or a myraid of other excuses.

My challenge for you today is to change your attitude; and,  as we tell our children “put on a happy face”.
A one day change may not solve all your problems, but I’ll bet that if you change your attitude for a ten day period you will be awed by the results.


“Close the door on ugly experiences, disappointments and frustrations. Then the great  magician, TIME, can transmute past sorrows and mistakes into present rewards, success and happiness.” Napoleon Hill

Have a great day!

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