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Week 19 Day 4 Earning Trust

I have asked you to journey with me and to trust my direction, to be open and accept my requests,  and occasionally I have asked you to support me in a  venture.  Only a few more days and I will share the wealth I have gathered these past 20 weeks.


The relationship of trust that I am working to build with each of you,  is one that will allow us both to grow. One of the most significant rewards of a trusted advisor relationship, for  both you and I, is that in such a relationship, we, as individuals, are most able to be fully who we are.  We don’t have to expend energy protecting ourselves, and we both can be open with information about our lives, our strengths and weaknesess.

Trust must be earned and deserved. One must be willing to give in order to get. Trust does not happen without work, without volition, without effort or without consistency.

I have been blessed with an ability to listen and to quickly see solutions. In this blog I share my thoughts and ideals. I am willing to listen and share my knowledge; to answer questions, via e-mail, by phone, or in person.

Yes, I earn my living as an author and cousultant, but without your beleiving that my books offer good advice or that by us working together you can reach your goals, then our trust relationship is not a true one.

Sometimes that first step towards any relationship is hard to take, but without taking that first step, you may never be all that you can be.


” We are the ones now who most often stand in the way of our own growth and happiness.

Have a great day!

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