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Week 20 Day 2 New ventures

Have started two new business ventures. with and epicography.   Both these ventures are a result of my journey. My excitement over the future possibilities for these ventures has caused me to do the planning session and spend dollars, if necessary, outside the scope of my earnings. Both these are only in the planning stages. I will be spending dollars that I have earned to launch the businesses.


The secret to starting a new business is the planning that is done in advance of the launch date and the organization that is created to support the ventures. I hope to step “outside of the box” and find people to implement the plan.

My blog will follow the growth of these two firms, plus three  others that I am involved with. Even though I have an ownership interest in four of the five firms I will be following, I will be the consultant on these projects.

My goal is to show that it is possible to accomplish more than one thing at a time until one venture stands out and provides both the income and personal fulfillment that warrants complete attention.


If you stick your head in the sand, one thing is for sure, you’ll get your rear kicked.

Have a great day!

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