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Week 20 Day 4 Sharing Stories

Sorry I missed a blog yesterday; there was a problem with the company handling my blog. Hopefully, this one will work. Value is not always in the form of money; sharing stories with business ” friends” has taught me many lessons.  Sharing is a two way street;  both parties have to share their stories and trust plays a major part in the value of the stories.


Sharing a story means being vulnerable; it’s easy to listen and not share, but the value comes in your sharing, truthfully, your journey. I am talking about more than just a relationship we may have with a client, my reference  is with the relationships we need to develop with people we want to call “true friends”.

I use the following as a means of thinking about who your true friends are.  Take a sheet of paper and pencil and write the names of all the people you would feel comfortable calling if your car broke down 50 miles from your home, at 3 am.  Eliminate family members and AAA. Do this now!

After you have finsihed this list, make a list of all the people you would be happy and proud (because they think enough of you)  to get a call at 3 am and drive 50 miles to pick them up.

Questions, are both lists the same? How many people are on your first list?

Our challenge is to grow that first list, we all may have to work on our relationship and trust building.


The bigget risk in life is not risking.

Have a great day!

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