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Week 20 Day 5 On being an author

What value could you put on learning that one doesn’t have all the answers. I spent a lot of time, money,  and effort on one special book. When  published my book in December of 2008, I just knew it would be an instant “success”. What a great title, How to turn $1.00 into Thousands. My goal was to solve the unemployment problem in the USA and also help people earn more money.

The lesson learned is to always consult an expert when starting a new venture. Publishing and self marketing a new book was a brand new experience for me.

The things I learned, and which I will apply in the future are:

  •  a book is judged by its cover and title. I was told that both of mine were not ones that woukld appeal to the public in a book store.. ( they were right)

  • Getting publicity for a book requires constant contact with newspapers, radio, TV, etc until you make enough noise so someone will listen to you.

  • Like in most other businesses, it’s who you know that counts

  • The best way to sell a book is to do it yourself

  • people don’t buy a book just because they know who you are, and many of those that bought a book, never read it.

  • It takes a lot of money to launch a new book.

I plan to update this book, change the title and cover and bring it out again as soon as I sell the 500 copies I still have left.

An expensive but valuable lesson learned.


What we Are is God’s gift to us. What we Become is our gift to God.

Have a great day!


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