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Week 20 Day 6 The gift of Time

Getting out of my box included reading books that were recommended to me. Of the many books I have read in the past 20 weeks, Michael Gerber’s new book “The E myth Enterprise” made a large impression on me relative to time managment.

” Only the work people do can be organized. All attempts to organize people instead of their work create exactly the opposite of what organization is intended  to do.”

What a powerful statment! We have all heard the statement ” Time is Money” and to me, this statement can make one very wealthy if it is understood and followed. Learning is a life time job; and this statement is teaching me to organize my work and it is helping me accomplish a lot more in a day.

I no longer organize my day; I set my goals (work) for the next day and organize it according to the results it can produce. I know, for example, that if I have to visit four places tomorrow to acheive a goal, i organize my the route and then, when it comes up to the top of my priority schedule, I just do it. Time will take care of irself.

Treat yourself to a new experience and read the book. There is so much more to it. When you are finished, add your comments and thoughts to this blog.


Innovation is what children do all the time. Like children, it is playful, bright, light and joyful.

Have a great day!

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