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Week 1 Day 1 A New Start

Visited by phone with one  my solar suppliers and deceided on several products to carry. Will order them tomorrow to review packaging and to test their reliability. My goal is to have “household” solar products ready for sale by the first of Oct. Am still exploring methods of marketing. Will try to set up mini solar stores within existing retail stores. This may attract more people to their store and provide an additional source of income. I will consider any type of retail store that has sufficient traffic.

Visited a new place called A-Z Indoor Marketplace. They wil have 200 booths offering a wide range of upscale goods. The location is awesome (SCottsdale rd & Thunderbird) and it is affiliate with another Expo Center ( Home & Garden) which will feature over 200 home improvement firms. It should work well as a place to test my solar products and books. I hope to include another new business at my booth that will have a line of Shirts, t-shirts and eventually jewelry. Will meet with the operators tomorrow to try and structure a good contract.

Another great benefit from being in this group, in addition to the customer traffic, is the ability to meet 400 people and to network with them.

Real Estate was good today, have a verbal acceptance on a contract ( still has to be put in writing and the details worked out, but it looks promising.) and had another buyer at one of my properties that brought a contractor to look at remodeling possibilities.

Overall a good day on the first day of my new journey.


The real secret of success is enthusiasm.

Have a great day!

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