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Week 1 Day 2 Progress

Am close to signing a contract for a booth at the A to Z marketplace. I think that this is a great place to test market products. The requirement is that the booth has to have someone there every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm. My challenge tomorrow is to find people that are willing to help me during the months of October and November. I would prefer College kids or people looking for a part time job. I plan to work as many days as I can to get a feel for the products, but have other committments  (at least 9 out of the 27 days ) during the months of Oct. and November.

The dollars earned during my journey will cover about one month of operating expenses and rent. Buying product will take additional capital. Have to get busy.

Did get my contract approved this morning and opened escrow. Always nice to have a real estate sale.

There has to be some degree of risk in any new business venture, but if a budget is in place and a focus plan is finished, that your chance of success is better.

My main focus the rest of this month is to be ready to open my store (  by Oct. first. This will require a new logo, merchandise on hand, brochures, booth decorations and shelves on which to display my products. A real learning lesson.

I always welcome poeple that want to walk with me and learn with me.


Success is a choice!

Have a great day!

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