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Week 1 Day 3 Deadlines

Goals are great, but if you attach them to a time table, they have a very good chance of become a reality.WithSolar.Com will have its first retail location open on Oct. 1, 2009. Yes it’s going to be a small “store’ but the location offers a lot more traffic than a stand alone store. With close to 200 other retail establishments all working under one roof, each of our own followings will creat traffic.

Even though I am working ib 5 by 10 space, all the challenges of a full store exists. Display racks for my products, brochures, price sheets, wall displays, credit card machines, etc, are all part of this months’  “to do” list. I also will be gone at least 15 days of the month so the pressure is on.

Now that my lease is signed and deposits paid, I will have to order my initial mechandise  tomorrow.

I will need to hire some part time help for the times I cannot be there. I will announce in this blog the grand opening days and hope that you will all attend.

My blog will contiue the journey I started in April but this time we will be working with real businesses and you will be able to see our growth, as well as our set backs. If anyone has a retail product, books, or whatever, I would like to introduce you to the concept of myh new store.

My hat goes off to the Lady that is putting all this together. Opening three new location with over 1,000 vendodrs at the same time takes a lot of managements skills and vision. It shows what one person can do with a great idea, committment and follow thru, and oh yes, a lot of money to invest.


A meaningful life is not a matter of speed or efficiency. It’s much more a matter of what you do and why you do it, than how fast you get it done.

Have a great day!

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