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week 1 Day 4 JUST DO IT

There is a saying I like to use (if you have been following my blog you may have heard it) Anything worth doing is worth doing wrong. The point is, don’t wait until everything is perfect ( in your mind) because you may never start. During my journey I have met with several people who have been planning on starting a  new business. Some have been working on an idea for over 10 years.

Put together a Strategic Focus Plan and start your business. You can tweak it as you go along. One of the best teachers is experience. It is far better to try and fail then to never try.

I have never worked in or owned a retail shop; this new venture is a learning experience which I believe has the potential to “explode”.Over half of the seed money is coming from the money I earned starting with one dollar.

For anyone that is working on starting a new business, please call and “walk” with me as I get this new venture opened on October 1.

Am still looking for more product and all suggestions are welcome.


Most people use rejection as an excuse to nurture hurt feelings. But wealth creation is a logical process.  Leave the negative emotions out of it, and you’ll soar.

Have a great day!

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