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Week 1 Day 5 Very Few American Made products

An education is something one gets in a classroom, but real education, about our country, one gets out in the “field”. We have a very high unemployment rate, my guess it somewhere between 12 and 15 %.  There has to be a lot of talent, perhaps asleep in the minds of the unemployed. Are our children learning that producing goods is a worthwhile endeavor? I have found very few start up businesses that “make something”

My first real experience was when we deceided to buy our grandson American made toys. What a dissapointment; it is almost impossible to find any. Now, with my new venture, selling solar products for education and for the home, I, again, ran into the problem. The majority of solar  products are made in China. Six solar lights sold at a chain store can sell for under $40. They are made in China, shipped here to a middle man who sells them to a retail outlet who then marks up the price to make a profit.
Everyone makes a profit; what is wrong with this picture? Where is the old American “get up and go” that made our country so great?

Each one of us has to encourage the design and manufacturing of American made goods. We need that to get our country back on track. It has to be the small business, that grass roots movement,  that brings back the pride in “Made in America”.

Everytime we import something and sell it in the US,  we help other countries build a strong foundation. We cannot survive as a nation of consumers only.  

Perhaps we need to start a group fo small business under the banner of “Proudly made in the USA”

I am willing to be part of such a group, are you?


Every passing day is one that is gone forever. Make sure it is one in which you have done something for others, especially those who cannot do for themselves.

Have a great day!

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