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Week 1 Day 6 No Free Lunch

Just because you started a new business doesn’t mean that you will succeed. A new venture requires more work than the initial planning and start up work. Marketing is the key to building a solid foundation upon which to grow. Waiting for the phone to ring or someone to walk into your place of business is a sure way  to fail.

You have to tell you “story” not once or twice but hundreds of times. Even your friends and contacts need to be convinced that you have something of value for them to support.

Back to basics, make a list of everyone you know  and then add at least 6 new contacts a week. These contacts must represent someone you have spoken to, told your story to and you have their e-,mail address; they are also waiting to hear more about what you do.

Start a daily blog, send a newsletter at least twice a month and then get involved with Twitter, linked-in etc.

Plan a marketing campaign and stick to it.  Call us for help; go to

The time to start your marketing is today, don’t wait until you are almost out of business.


If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you haven’t been in bed with a mosquito!

Have a great day!

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