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Customer Service, Where is it?

Sorry I was unable to blog for several days, the situation is corrected and I am back on tract.

Monday I sent out e-mails to firms that had products I was interested in buying for my new venture. I knew that it was a holiday, but figured that I would hear from them on Tuesday. Here it is Wednesday evening and not one has even acknowleged my e-mail.

This morning I called 6 wholesale firms, a few that I e-mailed on Monday. Had to leave messages  for all of them and not a single return call. My message was the same to all six; I am interested in purchasing your products for my new retail store, please call me at, (gave them my number).

Without customer service a business will have  hard time growing. The indifference that is exhibited is contagious and it creates a cycle of “I don’t care” in our culture.

Stop and think how often in a store or restaurant or office you are waiting for someone to pay attention to you as a customer. Our government offices are the same way. Think about the voter turn out in most elections, people just don’t care.

I believe that this is a condition  that is very wide spread in our community and country. It stops economic growth and the caring for our neighbors and community members.

Each of us in our own walk must make an effort to change this trend. If we don’t, our country may lose everything our founding fathers worked and died for.


Learn to treat every customer as an individual.

Have a great day!

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