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No age limit

Took Nanci to the A to Z market place where  my little retail store selling solar products will open Oct. 2, 2009. This was my first visit to the part that is now open. Besides the excitement and the thrill of seeing actual shoppers making purchases at the different booths, I was impressed with the age mix of the store owners. I would say that there were young people in their early twenty’s to those that were well past their, what we consider,  retirement age.

We are the ones that put age barriers on certain type of activities. For many of us, running a buiness is a lot more fun than playing golf or watching TV. When we start work we have a retirement age that we work towards; it’s a magic age that signifies that we can relax and wait for the next journey, at the end of our mortal life. We start moving slower (lack of exercise) and stop challenging our minds and thus we fulfill the prophecy of being to old to work or to accomplish much of anything else.

Age is a state of the mind. The only restrictions that are put on a young person or an older person, are those that they put on themselves, or those that they accept from others. Whatever our age we need to destroy the barriers, from so many sources, that are placed before us.
Whatever your age, whatever your circumstances, you can accomplish any goal, if your mind is free to accept success.

On this remembrance of September 11, I am grateful to be living in a nation that provides us all with equal opportunity to achieve our dreams.


” Always bear in mind that your own resolution to success is more important than any other one thing.”

Have a great day!

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