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Discipline to Success

Have to go back to basics; I visit with a lot of people and today was no exception. When talking about my favorite subject, starting and growing a new business, some of the comments I hear most frequently  are: I just can’t seem to get started or I can’t seem to follow through with my plan.

I am again referring to my book, Turn One Dollar into Thousands.  This book is about a step by step process which allows you to get out of your box and explore the business opportunities around you. Along the way you may be challenged to earn a few dollars, this gets your creative juices flowing, but the ultimate goal is to help you find a direction for your business life.

It is also suggested in the book that you form a small group to take the journey with you. Recently I spoke about the importannce of community and forming and participating in a small business community is a basic necessity to assure future success.

You may find it hard to find a group to meet with; most people are either afraid of a challenge or to lazy to accept it. I find that many people don’t want to work if there is no immediate cash in their pockets; thus, they remain unemployed for many months. If they would only take a chance and either start their own business or help someone else grow one, there will be not only a potential for a salary, but a potential for ownership.

If you know someone that is unemployed, buy them the book and ask them to take the 20 week journey and report to you on their progress every week. The $15 you spend on the book may change someones life forever.


Learn how to suffer failure with good grace, and to trust that there is a better way to fulfill your creative genius through the work you do and the results you create.

Have a great day!

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