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Without a plan, any path will take you where you don’t want to go!

Was invited to a meeting of “leaders” who were discussing how disorganized they were and how there was no communication between the various department heads. People in new leadership positions, even after two to three months had not seen an organization chart and were not sure who reported to who.

After much discussion and problems put forth, the group decided to meet again in several months.

Change is the only constant in our lives, but we must have a direction to follow and then change that direction as the need arises.
This group needs to spend a day (or more) to form a basic planning structure for the next year. A plan cannot be put together in a one hour meeting every two to three months.

Our society is such that someone has to step forward to be “the guiding light” or “leader” of any organization. That person must be understanding; have good listening skills, and not be afraid to set down guidelines for others to follow.

Ideas presented that are adopted must have a plan and also a deadline for completion. Everyone agreeing that an idea is good will not make it happen.

This group is afraid to get out of their comfort zones. It takes a strong leader to direct such a group out of their inactivity.
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What separates successful organizations and people from others is whether they find and follow methods. A method provides a set of tracks for the trains to run on.

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