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Be Prepared for everything!

Received an invitation to speak to a church group on the subject of being prepared.  About 7 years ago I published a book: The Be Prepared Book with an added feature of including  software which will allow you to keep all your information in one place as well as to print a copy to leave in a secure place; i.e. safety deposit box, your CPA, your attorney, your kids, etc.

Many people tell me that they have a complete record in their homes. Upon further questioning, the truth is that they have the greatest intention of compiling such a list but somehow never get around to it. Without a guide to follow, it is difficult to assemble all your records. Even with software and an instruction manual, it takes time and effort (the first time) to complete the process. Once complete, an hour a month will keep you updated.

There are over 50 categories for record keeping. The manual contains instructions ( if needed) as to what belongs on a form. The end result is an up to date assets and liability statement, compiled from the information you provide and found at the end of the disk.

Other features will help you realize where you are on your retirement goals as well as your personal dreams. It serves as a review of the documentation you should have such as health authorizations, wills, trusts.

If you every have to leave your home in a hurry (fire, flood, national emergency, etc. ) take this book with you as it will have all the vital information pertaining to most everything that pertains to you and your family. You will have a complete record.

You can get more information on this book and purchase it at  it is laisted at $49. However, if you go to you can purchase the same book for only $35. Treat yourself and your family to one of the most imortant book and record keeping system that is available.


“No matter how thin you slice it, there are always two sides.”

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