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Turning Brains into Mush

These last few days have confirmed my opinion of how the brains of many American’s work, THEY DON’T!.So many people that I spoke to are concerned about the direction of our country and especially the growing unemployment problem.  Some have even bought guns to protect themselves from future anticipated  violence.

Of the working people I asked the following question; What can we do to solve the unemployment problem. Almost, without exception, the answer I received was “nothing can be done”. I suggested that we should try to bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA, but they said our labor is to expensive. Others said that our people are not trained to do that kind of work.

Of the unemployed, I asked: Why don’t you start a business or go to work in sales, or offer to help someone grow a business and if you succeed, get a part of the profits. Many different answer came back, a few included:” I won’t work for nothing”  I get unemployment compensation now, the government will just keep extending it. I’m not a salesperson;  My old job will come back.

Part of my response to them included: Go to the hospital and look at the new born babies, you don’t see a sign on the crib saying this is a future doctor, or a future salesperson, or a plumber or…..  I also asked them about the true American spirit of not giving up and changing our direction as needed.  The blank stares and excuses confirmed my thoughts… Our brains are turning into mush.

Part of the blame lies with our education system, Arizona has one of the worst in the nation. Second it lies with the government for the message they are sending out about taking care of us, but most of the blame lies with each of us for not having the courage to challenge ourselves and to work towards creating a better future for ourselves.

There are many opportunities for growth, but if the drive is not within yourself, then you have not place to go.

Negative habits breed negative consequences. Successful habits create positive rewards.

Have a great day!

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