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A new leader, regardless of the his position, most often will try to make changes to solidify his importance in his mind and, he hopes, in the minds of those he/she supervises as well as their superiors. The changes may not affect the performance, but it has to be a change, for example, no more casual Friday’s because he thinks it takes away from the “professionalism” of the office. Even though it has been a tradition at the company or many years, the change has to be made.

Families pass on tradition from generation to generation; our religious believes are founded in part on “tradition”. Our Country has many tradition, many of which have been made in legal holidays. Every nation in the world has it foundation in the traditions developed and passed on by previous generations.

If it does not harm the company, and a change does not help the company, why make that change. The disruption caused in the morale of the people affected may take years to recover. It will eventually cost the company to lose good people, take away their incentive to work hard and the bottom line will be affected.

Again, it takes leadership from the top to make sure that all traditions that have brought the company to it’s current position, remain there and are nurtured, not wiped out.

Change made to establish dominance, or without thought as to the damage it will cause, it never good. I can talk about this issue, but unless “the leader” understands the consequences, the damage will be done.

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Servant Leader- one who “has followers whom he helps grow in stature, capacity, or in some way contributes to building them into more useful and satisfied people.

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