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Good retail location (Sept 19, 2009)

If you open a store in a strip center, a free standing business, or even a mall, you have tocreate your own traffic. At a mall, people may walk by your store, but not always walk inside to see your merchandise. The upsacale booth concept that the people at A to Z Market Place have introduced is a big plus for the participants.

Each of us will invite our contacts to come and see our booth. With close to 200 booths (when sold out) that alone should generate a lot of foot traffic. In addition, the marketplace advertises on radio, TV and print media. The concept is good to test market products as there is no lo ng term lease required, no security deposit, and only the first months rent.

If you have a ggod product, there may not be a good reason to ever leave there. The products I have seen are just as good as I have seen in most retail malls.

In keeping with my book, Turn one dollar into thousands this location affords everyone a quality yet inexpensive place to sell their  own products. A garage sale can probably raise the money for the first months rent.

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Mark Twain once complainmed:  ” I was seldom able to see an opportunity unti it had ceased to be one”

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