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Basic alternative energy information

Had the opportunity to visit Victoria and Vancouver in Canada as well As San Francisco. One of my missions was to find out how much information was available to the general public on alternative energy sources such as solar and wind.

Visited book  stores in each of these cities and found one magazine and several books on installing roof solar panels. There was no explaination as to how both solar and wind energy works, nor anything on new developemnts in either of these two fields.

At one time our country was very interested in new developements and “the garage” was a place to “tinker” and bring forth new products. It feels like we have become a nation of consumers and have lost our interest as to how something works. All this, to me, becomes part of the problem we have with our high unemployment. Perhaps we have a generation who have lost their ability to create as well as their deisre to learn and work hard. I noticed this even in the service industry where people are taken for granted and those that are waiting on table, selling in a retail, etc. seem to be going thru the motions without taking pride in their work.

It is up to us to change that, starting with oursleves and the our children and grand children.


PRIDE = Personal Responsibility in Daily Effort

Have a great day!

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